Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Raiding My Sister's Closet: Looking your best for Christmas Morning

Each Christmas, I carefully decide what I am going to wear for present opening festivities.  The first few years when I started caring about what I looked like on Christmas morning, I made some effort, but in recent years, our Christmas morning photos have ended up on the internet, and I feel that I have more of an image to uphold, so here are a few of my suggestions for looking your best on Christmas morning.

1.  Pick cute pajamas.  This is a no-brainer, but loads of people wear oversized tees and sweat pants to bed, so I feel like on Christmas, at least, make an effort, even if you have to change into them after you get up.  About 4 months ago, I finally threw out all of my grubby college tees and replaced them with some v-neck tees, leggings and cute pajama pants.  It had more to do with the fact that pregnancy was making me feel super fat in oversized tees, but, it has made a world of difference about my level of cuteness when lounging around the house, and having something you feel attractive in is guaranteed to make photos on Christmas morning more successful.  Your family may be the awesome type to get matching or homemade pj's.  Sadly, we are not this family.  Hopefully one day I will get us some awesome matching jammies, but for now, I just try to wear something semi-festive or at least attractive.

2.  Brush your teeth.  Another no-brainer, but I hate morning breath, and I hate hugging and kissing family members with morning breath.  It is yucky.  We always had to wait until my parents were ready for us to run down the stairs to get stockings, and for everyone to be awake and ready to go, so we always had time to brush those teeth.  And I never regret doing it.

3.  Do something cute with your hair.  It doesn't have to be fancy or take a long time.  I often sleep in a bun or a braid, and find that it makes for a decent 'just out of bed' look.

We are sort of hoping our baby comes before Christmas so he can wear his best Christmas jammies, too... They are so tiny and cute!!!

Check Janssen and Merrick's blogs out for some other fantastic ideas for looking your best on Christmas Morning!  


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Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Cards and Garlands (a DIY post)

The Christmas season is truly one of my favorite times of the year. I love the twinkling lights, the nippy air, the beautiful songs, and the lovely decorations.  I love the focus on helping others, making memories and keeping in touch with loved ones.  Since Adam and I got married 3 years ago, I have wanted to send out Christmas cards to help us stay connected with our family and friends, but because of work, traveling for the holidays, and other commitments throughout the season, it has never happened.  Each year I would think to myself, "Next year, we will take beautiful photos, and I will mail out Christmas cards".   I have always loved receiving Christmas cards; seeing friends' children grow up, and hearing about the adventures that loved ones have had during the past year.  It always makes me feel connected to my past. This year, I finally did it!  We used Tiny Prints to make our Christmas cards to send out to our family and friends; and as a cute and personal touch, I decided to put a little Christmas garland in with them.  This would be a fantastic project to do with little kids.  Even though I just did it on my own,  I hope our nieces and nephews feel a glow of Christmas Spirit as they pull these mini-garlands out of the envelopes and hang them up in their houses!

Christmas Garlands
Materials Needed:
Glue or Glue Gun
Coordinating Christmas paper
Glitter (optional)

1.  Design your pattern (you could trace cookie cutters, if you have them), and cut out a pattern for each shape.  I made a candy cane, a mitten, a Christmas ornament, and a Christmas tree.

2.  Trace your pattern onto your Christmas paper (I would trace it on the back of the paper so you don't end up with pencil lines on your cute paper).  Cut out the Christmas Paper.

3.  Cut your string to fit your garland
4.  Hot glue or tape the string to the back of each cut out.

5.  Stuff your envelope with garland, confetti/glitter, and a Christmas Card!

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pregnant for the Holidays: Dressy Style (Part 2)

Look 1:  Black is always a slimming color, especially when you are pregnant.  Choose a fun skirt, a plain top and a pop of color (red, if you are going for a holiday look) and some fun heels, unless you have sworn them off because they are too dangerous (I am just about to that point...)

 skirt: Ann Taylor// shirt: target (via Clothing swap)// jacket: h&m (similar)// shoes: dsw(similar)// earrings: forever 21

Look 2:  Go for a classic LBD and pair it with some classy heels and a large gold or other festive necklace.  

 dress: from Merrick(similar)// shoes: from my mom// necklace: francesca's
Look 3:  Pair a fun jacket with a fitted dress for a fun, semi-festive look.  Add boots for emphasis.  

jacket: calvin klein// dress: old navy (very similar)// boots: dsw// earrings: claire's(similar)

See Part 1 of "Pregnant for the Holidays" here

Monday, December 8, 2014

Pregnant for the Holidays: Casual Style (Part 1)

The holiday season always brings lots of parties and gatherings with family and friends, and as a pregnant person (who is feeling sort of massive with only 3 weeks to go), I want to look my best for all of the events that we have planned over the next few weeks.   So, I came up with a few types of outfits that could work for my holiday parties, and might give you some ideas for the holiday parties that you might be attending throughout the month of December!

Look 1: Go for a striped sweater, a gold or metallic scarf and jeans with metallic shoes.  The metallic accents will give the outfit a festive feeling, but will keep your from feeling like a disco ball.

sweater: downeast basics// scarf: gift (similar)// earrings: kendra scott// jeans: old navy// shoes: ross

Look 2: Look festive in a red sweater, but combine it with a patterned blouse and some pearls for a cute casual look.  

sweater: clothing swap// blouse: jc penney(similar)// jeans: old navy// shoes: target (similar)// necklace: gift

Look 3: Possibly my favorite look of the three... Pair a cranberry pair of maternity pants with a striped shirt and fitted jacket.  Throw on some boots and gold earrings and you are festive AND fashionable. 

shirt: forever 21 (somewhat similar)// jacket: target (similar)// pants: old navy// boots: dsw// earrings: nickel & suede

Check back later this week for part 2!  

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Well, only 4 weeks left, folks!  We are not counting on an early baby, but it would be nice :) We packed our hospital bag last week, and got to pick out some cute baby things to bring him home in (one Christmas outfit for if he comes before or on Christmas, and one other outfit with the cutest hooded sweater, for if he comes after Christmas), and finalized the changes to our room.  We are in a one-bedroom apartment right now and decided that we want to him sleep in our closet.  So last weekend, we spent the better part of Saturday moving all our stuff out of the closet into two ikea shelving units and putting all his clothing, diapers and other stuff in the closet!  It has been really fun to see it all come together!  And, it is making me really excited to bring this little dude home!  We have one final ultra-sound next week and then he can come whenever he likes! Eek!

Adam and I have been talking about taking some pictures of just the two of us, before the baby comes, for a few months, because we only have about 30 pictures of the two of us( most of them being ugly or fuzzy), from the entire time we have been married, so today we went and took some photos for our Christmas card, and so that we would have a few nice ones of the two of us.  Mostly we just goofed of and took pictures of us with silly faces, but some of them turned out great!  Plus, Adam took a few of these type photos to commemorate thirty-six weeks.

 sweater: Ann Taylor Factory (similar)// scarf: gift// skirt: forever 21 (similar)// boots: DSW// Earrings: Kendra Scott
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